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Turmeric Foaming Scrub

Turmeric Foaming Scrub

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Size: 4 oz

Turmeric Foaming Scrub soothes skin with a luxurious, rich lather, while naturally exfoliating sugar crystals gently reveal your radiance. With Vitamin E and Turmeric this limited edition formula nourishes and protects skin, leaving it incredibly soft and smooth.

Our Tumeric Foamig Scrub brightens dark spots, and combat aging skin. Say goodbye to dull dry skin and hello to your natural glow. Great for your inner thighs, knees and underarms, and elbows.

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  • SeQuel_Scents_Handmade_Skincare


    Handcrafted Made in Our Louisville Studio

  • SeQuel_Scents_Cruelly_Free_Not_Test_on_Animals


    Providing peace of mind to our customers

  • SeQuel_Scents_High_Quality_Products

    High Quality

    Ensuring optimal absorption and utilization by your skin

  • Ethically Sourced

    Full transparency in the origin and quality

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