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High Tide Whipped Soap

High Tide Whipped Soap

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Have you ever tried whipped soap? Imagine the smooth and silkiness of a body butter but instead a creamy cleanser when it comes in contact with water.  Our whipped soap is more like a foaming body butter that cleansing your skin while leaving your skin hydrated. It forms a semi-solid soap that can be used as a body wash or even shaving cream.  Enjoy the SeQuel Experience.


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How can I make a reservation for the Whippin & Sip experience?

Reservations can be made by checking the above calendar for current availability and selecting your preferred time slot. If the date you're interested in is not available, please email us at

Are reservations required for Whippin Sip | Skincare & Fragrance Bar?

Yes, reservations are required for Whippin & Sip. Each person participating needs to make their own reservation. It's important to note that the customization experience is individual, and everyone must have their own reservation. Sharing the process is not permitted. Each time slot has set times, and a limited number of seats (12 slots) are available in each class to ensure a personalized and enjoyable experience. Seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I reserve seats for my group to sit together?

Seats are first-come, first-serve, but we recommend making reservations all together or on the same day to increase the likelihood of your group being seated together. Group reservations can enhance the overall experience, allowing friends and family to enjoy the Whippin Sip journey together.

Can I customize my own skincare products during the Whippin Sip experience?

Absolutely! At Whippin & Sip, you have the exciting opportunity to customize your body butter, body scrub, or whipped soap. You can choose your product, carrier oils, and create unique fragrances from our selection of over 30 luxurious oils at our scent bar

What occasions are suitable for the Whippin Sip experience?

Whippin Sip is perfect for a variety of occasions, including date nights, girls' nights out, social gatherings, bridal showers, birthdays including kid friendly, and any other fun and unique events where you're looking for a delightful activity.

What is included in the Whippin Sip experience?

  • We provide stylish aprons, high-quality mixers, comfortable gloves, mixing bowls, a choice of creating customized items, a wide selection of fragrance oils, spatulas, and, of course, a surplus of good vibes to make your experience memorable.

Can I receive a discount on products in your retail space after the Whippin Sip class?

Yes, you will receive a 10% discount on all products in our retail space after completing the Whippin Sip class

Can I host a private party at Whippin Sip for a special event?

Absolutely! Consider hosting a private party for birthdays, corporate/team-building events, bridal showers, or any other significant gathering. For inquiries and arrangements, email us at

How can I stay informed about themed nights and events at Whippin Sip?

Stay tuned for themed nights and events by following us on social media. For any questions or further information, feel free to reach out to us at

I have specific questions or want to arrange a private event. How can I contact you?

For specific inquiries or to arrange a private event, please email us at, and a member of our dedicated staff will be in touch to bring your event vision to life.

I don't know much about blending or mixing fragrances. Will there be someone there to help me choose the best fragrance techniques?

Absolutely! Our experienced staff will be on hand to guide you through the entire fragrance blending process. They will provide expert advice on selecting the right oils, offer insights into fragrance combinations, and assist you in creating a scent that aligns with your preferences. Our guided instructions ensure that even those new to blending can craft a unique and delightful fragrance tailored just for them. Don't worry; you're in good hands!

Where are you located, and who can I call?

You can find us at 1860 Mellwood Avenue #111, Louisville, KY 40206. For inquiries or to contact us by phone, please call 502-991-2556. Feel free to reach out for any additional information or assistance!